Courtney Shaw

Masters Level Counselor
You deserve a life full of peace, joy and support.


Life can be challenging and unfair. Often, those challenging experiences cause us to have deprecating thoughts that affect our outlook on relationships, work, and even our self-worth. Living with unprocessed trauma can keep you on a loop of constant anxiety or fear. We sometimes forget that to be respected, safe and healthy is our birthright. Together, you and I can collaborate on navigating your journey back to self-love, confidence and dignity.

I see you.


In this busy and ever-changing world, it’s easy to feel isolated. To feel like, “Nobody understands or cares about how I feel.” Other times, societal pressures to look, speak, behave or adhere to stereotypical standards can leave us wondering, “Who am I?”.  I am committed to creating a comfortable, therapeutic space where we can unpack those feelings together. I see you and I value the authentic you. With me you are free to be and express yourself without fear of ridicule or judgment. 



If we don’t make time for rest and healing, our bodies will be forced to do it for us.


Many of us carry important titles like ‘Parent’, ‘Child’, ’Sibling’, ‘Caretaker’, ‘CEO’, etc. Often, these titles come with immense obligations and responsibilities that we prioritize over our own mental and physical health. Stress, anxiety and burnout do NOT have to be a part of your daily experience. Let’s discuss what healthy boundaries and self-care can look like in your world.

As the child of a first-generation immigrant, a woman, and person of color – I prioritize having multi-cultural competency. I also understand that navigating mental health services is a new experience for many members of BIPOC communities. A part of what inspired me to pursue a career in this field was the opportunity to educate and foster healing in those who need it most. I believe that everyone deserves to be acknowledged and understood, and my goal is to support you in navigating life’s challenges by fostering a deep sense of connection and validation.

Training & Certifications

Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Agnes Scott College
Psychological First Aid (National Child Traumatic Stress Network)
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Areas of Focus

Self-Care/Maintenance: boundary setting, emotional support, relationship issues communication skills, safe space.

Children and Adolescents: emotional awareness, emotional regulation, social skills, behavioral issues.

Suicidal Ideation: self-harm, safety planning, suicide prevention, homicidal ideation.

Cultural Identity: self-acceptance, sexuality, race-based trauma, occupational burnout, body image.

Mood Disorders: coping skills, self-worth, hopelessness, anxiety, depression


Therapy Modalities

Attachment Theory
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Psychodynamic Theories
Person-Centered Therapy

*Under Supervision of Victoria Hicks, LMFT, LPC, CPCS

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