Christian Counseling

So much has happened in your life.

For years, you have had struggles and pain, day in and day out.

As that suffering continues to take its toll, you begin to question everything. “Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s my fault.”

Your thoughts continue to wander – “There must be something wrong with me, God is punishing me, and I possibly even deserve this.”

As you wonder what happened to you, the confusion begins to set in. You think, “I’m a good person; why am I suffering like this?”

You feel embarrassed because you’re a Christian.

You know God loves you. Shouldn’t God be enough?

But you can’t wade through the pain you feel, which makes you feel even more guilty.

You feel stuck trying to work through how you feel on your own.

Seeking help seems to be the answer. But where do you turn for help?

Will anyone even understand?

Finding a therapist who understands what it means to be a Christian is essential.

You can’t go to therapy without working with someone who can identify with your Christian beliefs.

As Christians ourselves, God is a vital part of our work.

Your beliefs and values are central to your therapy.

It’s not just about talking but also about inviting God into the journey.

He is the one who heals, not you or your therapist.

We invite God to do the work through us in our work together.

God’s grace and acceptance weave through each session. It doesn’t matter what you bring to therapy; God is always with us.

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