Individual Therapy

“This isn’t like me.”

Lately, it feels like everything is a struggle, and it’s tiring.

Something isn’t quite working right now.

Things have gotten worse lately, but you don’t know where to start.

The way you feel keeps you wandering in a maze with no apparent beginning or end.

Anxiety and worry take over your waking thoughts.

A constant feeling of depression takes all of your energy and motivation to do what you used to enjoy.

Your anxiety makes you freeze, which keeps you from moving forward.

And worse yet, you don’t know who to turn to for help.

Your friends and family would be happy to help, but you don’t want to add to their problems.

Or maybe it feels too heavy to share with those close to you because you fear they won’t understand.

Imagine a different life – where depression and anxiety are not so crushing.

You finally have relief from the constant role of anxiety and depression.

Imagine a day where you aren’t plagued with worries and fear.

That’s the life we want to help you find.

Imagine an environment where you can safely and effectively begin to process.

We offer a safe place for understanding and connection.

Sometimes, we need a more experienced listener who can be objective and have our best interests at heart.

Individual therapy provides a safe place to work through past and present issues.

The conversation is about you and what you want to discuss. Nothing is off-limits.

Our role is to listen, help guide the discussion, and offer tools that can help you finally reach the change you have always wanted.

The positive effects have the potential to last for years. Individual counseling can be the place to find some relief.

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