Young Adult Therapy

You feel so much pressure from everyone, especially yourself.

After graduating from high school, things were supposed to be different. But they’re not.

And now, there’s more responsibility on your shoulders – adult responsibilities.

Choices and decisions keep piling up; it’s overwhelming.

Life is full of pressures that you could not imagine a few years ago.

College, work – there’s so much going on right now.

Lots of pressure to perform is coming from all sides. It feels like you can’t catch a break.

Things used to be more accessible. But it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with everything in your life.

All hope seems lost.

But with the right help, there’s hope.

You don’t have to do this on your own.

We’re here to help you navigate this difficult time in your life.

Finding hope and desires are goals that you long to achieve.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find them and the motivation to move forward.

Strength seems lacking but helping you find it again is the key.

Right now, it’s hard to imagine moving forward.

You have developed patterns and thoughts that have held you back.

Relationships have felt daunting and left lasting effects.

All these new responsibilities are hard enough, and accomplishing anything seems impossible.

Life has you stuck in a hopeless rut, and moving forward is challenging.

We can help you move forward.

As a young adult, your life is just beginning for you, and there is a vast world open to exploration and possibilities.

We can work together to help you look at the past and move forward in life.

Therapy offers a safe place to process the pressures in an accepting and nonjudgmental environment. We are with you on this journey to help you finally find relief.

You can start to feel more and more like you!

Reach out today at (404) 692-3615 to schedule your 15-minute free consultation!