Premarital Counseling

You’ve decided to share your life with someone.

Everything is falling into place, and planning is in full motion.

You bought the rings and are thinking of the honeymoon.

Perhaps, you have even found that one dress you’ve always dreamed of wearing at your wedding.

It’s a beautiful feeling to be thinking about a long life together.

It’s exciting but also stressful.

The stress of planning for marriage has seemed to affect your relationship.

But you also want to make sure there isn’t anything else missing before this lifelong commitment.

Starting off marriage with a solid foundation is what you desire.

You want to feel connected with your partner even when you experience the most challenging topics.

Preparation before marriage makes a difference.

Right now, the thought of a marriage relationship seems blissful and full of beautiful experiences.

However, marriage should be a lifelong commitment to survive the ups and downs that life throws at you.

Transitions in your marriage will occur. Some will be positive, and some may not.

Understanding each other’s needs and viewpoints is essential because they will provide an avenue of mutual communication to help you through those transitions.

Premarital Counseling can be that catalyst.

By addressing communication, conflict, expectations, parenting, and relationship roles, you can feel confident in moving forward in marriage.

Utilizing the research-based Prepare Enrich Assessment, you can get an honest look at your relationship.

You’ll learn what’s important to you, what’s important to your partner, and how to communicate your needs effectively.

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