Men’s Issues

Man up!

As a man, society told you that you had to be strong.

Being strong means not showing your emotions unless that emotion is anger or something else acceptable. Expressing how you feel – they didn’t teach you that kind of stuff.

You keep pushing through because you should be able to manage it independently.

Somehow the stuff that’s bothering you never comes up around the guys. You don’t know how to bring it up or worry if they’d even care. Besides, everyone has to deal with their stuff.

So why do I feel like this?

The things you’ve been through have helped make you the man you are today. But they’ve also warped the way you see the world, your relationships, family, and yourself.

Emotions and thoughts require expression rather than being stuffed down and ignored.

Not dealing with how you feel impacts relationships and can keep you from being satisfied with who you are inside.

Stuffing those feelings does not make them go away.

Maybe it’s time to open up.

Therapy provides a means of addressing Men’s Issues in a safe space, where you can feel comfortable being honest and open with how you feel inside.

Together, we can work through your experiences and learn new ways of being your most authentic self without fear of judgment or ridicule.

By growing more comfortable with your emotions, you’ll learn more helpful ways of expressing them. Once you’re able to express your feelings, you’ll be able to identify more beneficial ways to get your needs met.

There is no reason for you to struggle alone.

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