Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Impulses are hard to control.

Fantasizing about sex is constant, distracting you throughout the day.

Those sexual urges are hard to control, which impacts your job, relationships, and life.

To meet your sexual needs, you masturbate continuously, seek out multiple sexual partners, or take risks that could impact your health, such as contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

It’s hard for you to appreciate what having a healthy sexual relationship means.

The shame and guilt are overwhelming.

Problematic sexual behavior is now impacting your daily functioning.

Your sexual impulses are now impacting your relationships and are especially devastating to your partner. Everyone in your life feels betrayed.

It’s exhausting spending so much time and energy keeping secrets and hiding your sexual problems.

Trying to stop on your own has not lasted, and you’re struggling trying to find the answers.

Recovery and redemption are possible!

Stopping the downward spiral by seeking professional help for your sexual problems is important.

In our work together, you’ll begin to identify coping skills that help you manage your behaviors.

You’ll develop new and more effective ways of approaching your struggle. More importantly, we’ll work to identify the emotional issues contributing to your problematic sexual behavior.

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