Constant Triggers Have Worn You Out

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EMDR Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Feeling overwhelmed never goes away.

You’ve tried everything. You tried talking to your friends and family, but they have their problems.

Googling “self care” tips, but you discover that they’re quick fixes and don’t always work.

You’ve even tried traditional therapy.

The therapist was helpful, but your fear never went away.

You’re beginning to think that you must be the problem. Maybe there’s something wrong with you.

You’re desperate.

It’s crushing some days. You can’t shake the feeling you’re broken.

People around you are starting to notice.

Lack of concentration at work is affecting your job. Your coworkers keep asking if you’re “ok.”

It’s hard to keep lying to everyone.

Your friends are keeping their distance. You’ve never felt so alone.

EMDR is the lifeline you need.

Unlike other approaches, EMDR targets beliefs that get “stuck” in your everyday experiences.

It targets persistent fearful thoughts and makes them go away for good.

From that relief, you’ll start to make connections to your anxiety you weren’t able to see before.

EMDR utilizes the brain’s healing mechanism to reprocess the experiences that trigger you.

We will allow your brain to do the processing to relieve the emotional stress you’ve felt for so long.

It’s time to feel like yourself again.

Those pestering negative thoughts about yourself are no more.

You’ll feel like yourself again.

Feeling overwhelmed no longer intrudes your everyday experience.

EMDR can work fast. In a few sessions, you can begin to feel relief.

Stop living under the pressure of fear.

Your relationships and career don’t have to suffer anymore.

Be fully yourself and live your life present for what each day brings.

It’s time to learn how EMDR can help you. You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

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