You’re Tired of Feeling Disconnected

Reconnect With the Person You Fell in Love With

Couples Counseling in Atlanta, GA

The distance between you and your partner is heartbreaking.

You’ve noticed it for a while now. (It’s hard to miss since you barely speak).

The constant conflict and bickering are exhausting.

You argue about petty things. You can’t even remember what you were fighting about later.

These fights have been building, and they’re starting to follow an ugly pattern.

You’re stuck in this lonely, angry place. And you’re not quite sure how you got here.

You want things to be better.

You’ve tried different ways to manage the conflict in your relationship.

You gave them articles to read (they didn’t). You read books and ask your friends, but nothing has led to lasting change.

Desperation is starting to sink in. You’ve put so much into this relationship, but you’re not sure how to save it.

You know there’s still love there, but you need to find a way to break the cycle of fighting.

This is the way back.

Rekindle the feelings of warmth and connection that you’ve been longing for in your relationship.

Let me help you. This is what I do.

By understanding where you get stuck, you’ll start to see the cycle.

With my clinical guidance, you’ll have fresh eyes on the pattern beneath the mess.

We’ll create a safe space to facilitate new conversations and interrupt the patterns that have taken hold of your relationship.

Turn towards each other.

Learn how to establish a more profound connection once again.

I work to create a safe and peaceful environment where you and your partner can begin to turn towards each other instead of turning away.

Over time, you’ll begin to see where you can intervene in the cycle while you’re not in the office.

Your partner can see your perspective, and you can see theirs.

They’re not the enemy. The pattern that you get stuck in is the enemy. And now you have the skills and awareness to take action to pull out of the pattern.

Stop fighting this battle alone.

Imagine a world where you feel seen in your relationship.

Enjoy a close and intimate connection with the person you fell for initially.

Navigate life with your partner.

Start building the life of your dreams together!

It’s time to start living the relationship you’ve always wanted.

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