Hopelessness and worry overwhelms you

Find a safe place for your teen!

Teen Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Desperation has overcome you.

You’ve tried everything to reach your teen. It seems like nothing helps.

Everything you do only pushes you into a corner.

No matter what you try, they seem further and further away.

The school isn’t helpful, you tried that.

Friends have brought them more and more problems.

You’re needing hope.

You fear for their future. They are spiraling.

The judgement from others is compounding.

It’s like all hope is lost.

But at the same time you know you can’t give up.

Therapy seems like the last hope to try.

It’s time to help them heal.

Therapy can be the place your teen can feel safe again.

To explore what is causing them so much pain.

A chance to get respite from the world’s pressures.

Letting the pain go and healing to come.

Those emotions can finally have a place to be held and processed.

An answer might finally be possible.

The conflict they’ve had might finally be understood.

Gaining insight into what has been plaguing them.

They might even learn to relate differently once again.

Therapy can be the place where they are able to find themselves and where they are going.

Stop the fear of not knowing where to turn.

Your teen does not have to keep suffering.

A therapist is waiting to facilitate a safe space for your teen.

It’s time to find the help they have been crying out for but never knew how to ask.

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